Sunday, December 4, 2011

Smart Sunday- A Lady Named Pearl

The first time I heard of A Lady Named Pearl it was through an email my brother sent me. 
In the email he included a link to one of her videos and a message that read, "You're going to love her."
He was right. Within a month of receiving that I email I actually met Pearl and even got to do open up for her. 
This young is in fact a PERFECT representation of PrettySmart girls every where! Trust me, to quote my brother, "You're going to love her."

About A Lady Named Pearl

With the passion I have for entertainment, I founded "A Lady Named Pearl, LLC" on July 15, 2009. Currently, A Lady Named Pearl, LLC is comprised of two areas, our Music division, and Modeling division.

Our music division has released two of my singles, and we are looking to release my EP soon. We are also working to sign a new group called "Salida Del Sol." 

Here's a look at A Lady Named Pearl's Music Video for Unstoppable

Our modeling division, Pearl Model Agency, currently represent five models. We also have aPearl Modeling and Etiquette School in which we offer training to the public on modeling techniques, social etiquette and professional development.

Here's a video for Pearl Modeling and Etiquette School:
For more information please visit us at
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