Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beauty and Brains

Good day all!

Today I am announcing a new segment that I will be presenting on the blog. I always feel a bit off kilter when some one is shocked that I am well spoken. I am personally against the notion that girls may only be pretty or smart.  Why choose? I know many women who are Brilliant Beauties. To prove that point I will be spotlighting some of these ladies on Smart Sundays. If you know any Pretty Smart ladies please refer them to me so that we can put this terrible stereotype to bed.

(Pretty Smart- pretty and smart )

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Stand

This is a poem I wrote for HLA (Haitians Living in Atlanta) Cultural Event on 4/23/2011. It was AWESOME. Hope you like the poem. Next post I'll be sharing some info on some the other amazing performers who were there.

I stand for our history, before 1804

I stand for the brothers and sisters that were taken from their land and brought to lands unknown

I stand for the forefathers who would not lie idly while our people suffered

I stand for our past, for although it is behind us there are yet lessons to be learned

I stand for the tragedy that we have endured, for the pain that we have suffered, for the dancing that we have done, for the laughter that we have enjoyed

I stand for the mothers,

I stand for the fathers who continue to be providers in their homes, who continue to be examples to their families and who continue to lead us.

I stand for the women who suffer under the burden of feeding their children, who wonder when the next meal will come, who continue to thrive and love and do all that they can in a land that has been raped, pillaged and left barren.

I stand for the children who will become our future. They will be left to deal with the consequences of our actions.

I stand for the present because right now is the time for us to take our land back, to take both our memories and dreams and turn them all into reality. Now is the time to turn all the possibilities into amazing actualities.

I stand for the future of Haiti.

I stand for all the things we know can be and all that we will achieve.

I stand for the strength of our men, the beauty of our women and the intelligence of our youth.

I stand with every one of my brothers and sisters who is not afraid to say,

I stand for Haiti.