Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The journey

I used to think that happiness would fall in my lap in some kind of expected order. In my mind I would be truly happy when I could pull up to my own house, have a large rock (of some exotic kind as I am over traditional wedding diamonds right now) on my left ring finger and open the door to my mini clone children and perfect spouse. The closer I get to seeing those realities the more misguided I feel for thinking that happiness has a formula. To be perfectly honest I have a real grown up job now and I can both afford and qualify for a mortgage. But I don't want it. Not yet. I like my apartment, I like being on my own and doing things at my pace and on my own schedule. I guess I just realized that even with out the white picket fence and two point five children I am living the American dream. I am making a way for my self and enjoying every moment of it. For me the journey to my ever afters is proving to be quite wonderful.

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jlewi33 said...

although i am please to hear that you are content with your apartment, you don't own the building. And although i am please to hear that you are content with your lucrative job, you don't own the company.

I say this to you because i think you are failing to see the big picture. There is no greater feeling of accomplishment and home security then own your own home. As a real estate investor, i have bought and sold dozens of homes and a few rental apartment complexes that require me to displace some of my tenants.
I am sure they thought that those places would be available to them for many years to come but, when a substantial financial opportunity to sale is presented to your landlord, you may find yourself staring a 60 notice to vacate the property if the new owners plan to demolish the building to make way for another venture; as with my apartment complexes.(so never say never. It could happen to you too.)

And Eunice, I also once to had a very good job. $78,000 a year, and in one quick merger, I found my self downsized and out of a job.
I now own several small businesses that have revitalized my income and blesses me with the financial freedom to do whatever I want. So if you have a dream to become self sufficient, do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

If you are able to snatch yourself a piece of that dream, do it! Because the things we can afford to do today, my not be the same things we can afford tomorrow.

As for marriage and kids, If you find the right man, thats the right time.

Good luck, and god bless.