Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dawn of a new day

Have you ever woken up and just felt like, What now? What do I do? Where do I go? How do I get there? Today for is one of those days. It is five thirty am on a Sunday morning and I am laying in my bed thinking. Honestly I think I just need a change. I have heard that is the nature of the human beast to be restless. Now I feel a bit more inclined to agree. As I lay here I continue to ask my self, What now? I am not sure where this will take me but it is definitely the dawn of a new day for me. I hope it doesn't rain. :)

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jlewi33 said...

Not lately. My days are are overloaded with fulfilling tasks. You just need to overwhelm you days with fun & creative tasks.

I go to bed exhausted and I wake up early, excited and eager to complete yesterdays unfinished tasks.

You just have to engage yourself in long tasks that only benefit you. Tasks that will lead you to bigger and better things in life. I recently started an Internet radio broadcast show on UBROADCAST.COM

Next week, my Internet cafe will finally open after my last city inspection. WhooHoo!

Don't let your yesterday effect your today. And don't let you today effect your tomorrow. Live and love your life. It too short to let a little rain ruin the parade.

Good luck, and god bless.