Saturday, February 8, 2014

Of Love Lost

I am uncertain of what rock I was under or why I missed it but I did.
Last year Keisha Cole released a song entitled "I Choose You". In the chorus she laments that ,

         If it aint you, It's not worth it
 No matter what I do, nothing's working
Baby I know love's not perfect
Even if he gives me the world it'll never be enough
Cause I choose you
I choose you
And if it ain't you
Then it's just not worth it

As I listened to the song I found myself thinking that I too have been there. 
Just because I can relate though does not make it OK. 
For one thing she sings of the new guy and how he can not possibly stack up to the old love that she longs for. For another she's making it a competition between herself and his new woman. Is that ever the correct route? Lastly she vows to continue to pursue him because "Even if he gives her the world it will never be enough". 

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation with a lost love that you could not let go?

Tell me about it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Better me

This year I am determined to better myself. I am making time to read up on all kinds of subjects and I'm learning new skills as well as relearning new ones. 

One of those skills is that I am 'relearning' is how to speak French. 

French is actually the first language I ever spoke followed by Haitian Creole and then English. 

So why do I need to relearn French? I haven't been fluent since my early childhood! That's what happens when you move to a country that doesn't speak your language and your family starts to speak English almost exclusively.

To reach that end I downloaded Duolingo an absolutely darling app that is similar to Rosetta Stone except it is free. 

That's right you too can learn a language for free.99 

Download it now. After French I'm going try Spanish. 

If you have already tried it please let me know how it has worked out for you.