Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dear Mr. Nice Guy

I really do not like the phrase, 'Nice guys finish last'. Let us eradicate that phrase from our vocabularies please.

Dr. Mr. Nice Guy,

You are NOT losing to the ‘bad boys’. You’re simply not following the rules of how to get a girl.
Assuming that you’re ‘a good guy’ and should therefore automatically win the girl is backwards.
It’s like a woman assuming that because she’s pretty she shouldn’t be single. That’s ASININE!!!
Please stop making these assumptions people. If you want to find someone who is worthy of the love you seek, become a person worth seeking. 

I will climb off of my soap box now. 

Have a great day!


Prince Robin said...

well why is it that i'm a handsome, good loving man, gentleman, family orientated, educated, funny, ambitious, financially stable, etc... GOOD GUY and i'm still single??

I feel you and understand what you're saying it's just hard to internalize that with the experiences i've had and getting passed up time after time but dirtbags

EunicePL said...

When you are happy with the woman you've chosen those who passed you up will be looking on in envy. :)