Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smart Sunday- Shannon Dee

Hello every one! 

On this the inaugural Smart Sunday I would like to introduce you Ms. Shannon Dee. 

Shannon is beautiful, smart and very talented. When I first met Shannon it was at a model function. Shannon stood out to me because she was intelligent and friendly. She also had a kind word for every person she came in contact with. She is such a great person both inside and out. When asked to tell the world a bit about herself the modest Ms. Dee had this to say:

                    "What are we doing today Brain?" lol! Right now i'm still in school... working on my Masters. I'll be graduating in December. New Projects... i'm modeling, still attempting to get more into the high fashion scene. I'm taking acting classes so I can hopefully get a principle speaking role in a film this year. We will see how this goes. I'm starting out as a movie reviewer on ( And I just finished my first book, an inspirational story titled "Learning Life's Lessons" which will hopefully be published either this year or early next year. I plan on attending law school next year. And i also plan to to possibly do some coaching/speaking/consulting. Basically wherever God is taking me is where I'll be. :-)

Get to know Ms. Shannon Dee even better by following her on twitter @IamShannonDee 

I'm sure you'll agree that she is indeed a bona-fide Pretty Smart young lady. Also check out this feature on her by Miles Jackson.

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Anonymous said...

Bigups to Shannon Dee and all the beautiful successful Black women out there; being the difference they want to see out in the world!!! Bigups!