Monday, November 10, 2008

The new show. This week!

Good morning, Good afternoon & Good evening fellow peers:

Eunice Pierre-Louis and Alfredo Rosa of LoveSelf1st Enterprises have finally come together making magic on stage.

We of LS1st Ent. & one of Atlanta's new hottest productions company's most Dynamic Actors are inviting you out to our production of "An Evening with LoveSelf1st Enterprises". A Real & Moving piece about love, sex, deceit, homosexuality, promiscuity, STDs & AIDS, economy, death, and mourning to name a few! You don't want to miss this evening of HOT, Educational, Comedic, Dynamically REAL showcase!!!

We know you will enjoy the production as much as we are producing it. Play Story Lines :

"Catch It"

What happens when living becomes a scrutinized disease, and a disease becomes a better alternative?

"Satisfaction Guaranteed"

We are all adults. "So… let's talk about sex, baby"!


A crazy love triangle forces us to examine everything from STD's to abortion.

"Live With It"

Come sit down with two young adults who got caught up in a fun time that will…"last forever"!

For Tickets and priority seating call Alfredo at 678-777-2038. Admission & tickets are $15. Once the seats are gone the tickets will be sold out and tickets are selling fast, so call ASAP!!! You're going to want to see this up close. Tell a friend, bring a friend even make a friend. Hope to see you there! If you want to know more about the people behind LoveSelf1st Enterprises, check out: &

Lastly, LoveSelf1st Enterprises hot new show, "Madam & Her Throw-Away Girls", is coming January 2009.

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